Nov 25, 2010

TED Talk: Why Work Doesn't Happen at Work

This is a somewhat long presentation and it may take you a few minutes to get used to Jason Fried's accent. But I think he's saying some interesting things here...

Also, here's a bio for him with a link to his new book, in case you're interested:

Jason Fried is the co-founder and President of 37signals, a privately-held Chicago-based company committed to building the best web-based tools possible with the least number of features necessary.
Jason co-wrote all of 37signals books, including their latest “Rework.”, and is invited to speak on entrepreneurship, design, management, and software all around the globe.
37signals’ products include Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, Campfire, Ta-da List, and Writeboard. 37signals also developed and open-sourced the Ruby on Rails programming framework. 37signals’ products do less than the competition – intentionally.
37signals weblog, Signal vs. Noise, is read by over 100,000 people every day.
Jason believes there’s real value and beauty in the basics. Elegance, respect for people’s desire to simply get stuff done, and honest ease of use are the hallmarks of 37signals products.

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