Dec 22, 2010


This December I have received a beautiful origami Christmas ornament. It's made very well and I see it every time I come in my front door. It's handmade by someone very special. Handmade is an adjective that means made by hand, not by machine. We use it to describe things like clothes, books, ceramics, and other objects made by hand.
Homemade is similar: it's an adjective that means made at home instead of bought in a store. We usually use it for foods and drinks, like homemade cookies. These are cookies baked at home instead of bought.

I have to admit that I buy many things that aren't handmade, and this is something I'd like to change. More and more, I see that lots of people are making wonderful things! Certainly, I love to cook, and although I enjoy going out to restaurants, I prefer places where everything is homemade, including the desserts.

I hope that you receive something handmade this season, like a card or a small gift, and that you enjoy some great homemade treats!

P.S. Thanks to for the image. They make some very nice clothes that you might find interesting, and they have a lot of good links on the blog.

P.P.S. This post is dedicated to Sandra Tulleuda, who makes beautiful things and gives them truly from the heart.


  1. Valerie, thank you so much, I'm very proud to meet you and now seems that we know years ago.
    I hope our friendship will last forever.

  2. Sandra,

    I think I'm the lucky one! Happy new Year and I look forward to seeing you very soon!

    Big hug, Valerie

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