Dec 7, 2010


Funny is an adjective and we use it to describe something which makes you laugh. This could be a person with a good sense of humor, or a joke, a film, a cartoon, even something you see on the street which strikes you as amusing. There are many different kinds of humor, from silly and slapstick to witty to sarcastic and acid. One kind of humor is parody: making an imitation of something, usually in an extreme way, in order to make it funny. Sometimes when I want to read something funny, I visit The Onion at This is a site which parodizes the news of the United States. It's not always funny, but I often find something there that makes me laugh so much that the people of the sales department start shaking their heads.
If you have any funny websites or publications to recommend, it would be great to hear about them!
Thanks to Bill Watterson and for the image from Calvin and Hobbes!

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