Jan 11, 2016

Expression: Get your feet wet

To "get your feet wet" means to start something by trying it a little bit. It's like when you're going into the sea or the pool, and you start by just putting your toes in the water. Here are a few examples:


You: How's your swing dance class?
Your friend: Pretty good, although we're just getting our feet wet with some easy steps.


Your boss: How's your English coming along?
You: Um, pretty good...
Your boss: Would you like to come to the next management meeting?
You: Uh...
Your boss: It would be a good chance for you to listen and get your feet wet... You wouldn't have to talk if you didn't want to...
You: Okay! Thanks!


Bob was really excited about learning the new software. Before signing up for a course, he decided to get his feet wet by playing around with the app himself to see how it worked.


It's important to note that we always use a possessive in this expression. We never say "get the feet wet."


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