Mar 14, 2011

Being late and being on time

I wish I could say that I'm always on time. If only it were true! But the truth is that I often find myself sending a text message to tell someone that "I'm running a few minutes late." I wonder how many text messages like this are sent every day? The number must be very, very high.
Here are a few useful expressions for when you need to tell someone that you're going to be late:

1. I'm running a bit late but I'll be there soon.
2. I'm on my way! See you in 10 mins!
3. I'm sorry but I won't make it for the meeting.
4. My flight was delayed so I'll arrive at 4pm instead of 2pm.
5. I'm stuck in traffic. Could we postpone the meeting until 10:30?

Some people are always very punctual, and I want to be more like them. In the meantime, I'm working on improving, but I might send you one of these messages...

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